Welcome to Wyoming’s first food Co-Op, where the food is fresh, local and natural.


We have a new product in The Co-op.

We are carrying Conundrum Coffee’s Cold Brew Coffee in a keg.                          

There are many advantages to having a cold brew coffee:

  • It is less acidic
  • The taste is smooth (less acid means more flavor)
  • It is essentially coffee syrup
  • Versatility of the product
    • You can enjoy it as an iced beverage, (you can add your favorite milk or milk substitute.)
    • Add boiling water to the concentrate and you have a smooth cup of JOE!!
    • You can purchase it in volume here – store in your refrigerator for up to 2 weeks from the time of purchase – add ease to your morning.
    • Or you can drink it straight, if you are a true coffee drinker.

Stop by and try a sample this week!
For more information --



(Current Co-Op Members only, please.)

Check your email for the SurveyMonkey link. Simply click the link and

take the survey to vote for new Board Members. Let us know at the register

when you've voted and receive an extra 5% off your purchase at Big Hollow!

Please send us your responses by April 3rd, and thank you so much for participating.

The Bylaws have passed!

Thanks to all who participated in our survey, the bylaws as written have passed by a landslide. We appreciate your input!

Click Here to View the BHFC Bylaws

The Big Hollow Board of Directors has a new email!

Please feel free to contact them directly with any questions or comments




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Try out one of our new grab and go items and get a free Kind bar!

Big Hollow Food Co-Op
119 South 1st St.
Laramie, Wyoming 82070
(307) 745-3586

Open every day from 8am – 8pm



We offer a great line of organic products and consumables.  We are always looking for more products to better serve you and support your choices of a healthier, natural lifestyle.


Hand selected suppliers and carefully chosen produce allows us to always provide you with a fresh taste that other stores lose in storage and transportation.

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About Us

We opened our doors in September 2007 and became Wyoming’s first natural food coop. We specialize in providing our members with local, natural, and organic specialty foods. We currently are 1500 members strong and are continually growing and expanding.

Big Hollow Food Co-Op
119 South 1st St.
Laramie, Wyoming 82070
(307) 745-3586

Open every day from 8am – 8pm

Our Mission

The mission of Big Hollow Food Coop is to support local agriculture, provide healthy food options, and empower our community.

Our Values

We are strong supporters of the local and surrounding communities. Not only do we support these communities through the purchases of their natural food products, but also support various charitable organizations. We support the Laramie Soup Kitchen, Laramie Co-Operative PreSchool, Montessori School, and Students for Sustainable Living.


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Big Hollow Food Co-Op
119 South 1st St.
Laramie, Wyoming 82070
(307) 745-3586

Open every day from 8am – 8pm

2012 Membership Meeting Presentation

The Undersecretary of Agriculture visited the Big Hollow Food Coop. Click here for the NPR story about it.

Check out the Big Hollow Food Coop on page 9 in the "Wyoming Lifestyle" Magazine







Come be a part of the family and help keep Laramie Farmers strong and our community great while enjoying member-only discounts and great quality, fresh off the truck produce!

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We want you every step of the way!

By becoming a member of Big Hollow Food Coop, you can be involved as much or as little as you would like. We want to make sure our members are heard and we will successfully do this by making you an equal partner the day you sign up!

Big Hollow Food Co-Op
119 South 1st St.
Laramie, Wyoming 82070
(307) 745-3586

Open every day from 8am – 8pm

Benefits of Membership

  • Members receive a 5% discount on all items in the store
  • Receive deep discounts on special orders
  • Receive a newsletter with community events and other information concerning life at 7200 feet
  • Membership appreciation Days when discounts are even deeper on select items
  • Have a say in where your food is produced
  • Support local businesses and agriculture
  • Vote on coop issues
  • Become a member- owner

Membership Responsibilities

  • Be an active member and participate in the annual meeting
  • Vote on coop issues
  • Voice opinion or concerns on coop issues
  • Read the newsletters
  • Keep contact information updated

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Big Hollow Food Co-Op
119 South 1st St.
Laramie, Wyoming 82070
(307) 745-3586

Open every day from 8am – 8pm

Local Vendors 2012

  1. Blossom Fine Foods, Laramie WY, Delicious Gluten Free Treats and breads, located in the freezer
  2. High Point Bison, Pine Bluffs WY, Huge selection of Bison, a family owned and operated business, located in the freezer
  3. Wag’s Livestock, Laramie WY, Beef, Goat, Lamb, Pork, Specialty meats and Holiday  treats
  4. Jackie’s Java, Fort Collins CO, Huge variety of coffee…produces our fabulous Big Hollow Blend and many other varieties including flavored
  5. Robin’s Treats, Laramie WY, excellent sweets and treats including cinnamon rolls, beverages and nuts
  6. Need More Salsa, Jelm WY, Fabulous salsa, also sold at the Laramie Farmer’s Market
  7. Morning Fresh Dairy, Bellevue Co. All natural milk in glass bottles, extremely popular “Noosa” yogurt
  8. Synterra, Laramie WY, locally owned and distributed nutritional supplement, located in the pharmaceutical area 
  9. Loco Bueno Green Chili, Fort Collins Co, Green Chile made with turkey, medium, hot and extra hot, located in the freezer section
  10. Holy Habanero, Laramie WY, amazing hot sauce, most ingredients purchased at Big Hollow, in the refrigerator
  11. Bones D’Jour, Fort Collins Co, fun dog treats, in the pet section
  12. Eugene’s Tasty Tea, Laramie WY, A variety of tea made by our favorite 14 year entrepreneur, in the tea section
  13. Good Seed Bakery, Fort Collins Co, excellent selection of all natural breads and scones, in the bread case
  14. Cheyenne Honey, Cheyenne WY, one of our best sellers, sold in jars and bulk
  15. Harmony Hens, Laramie WY, eggs and poultry, family owned
  16. Wind Harvest Farms, Henry NE, fresh & frozen produce including STRAWBERRIES!
  17. Wholly Tomatoes, Pine Bluffs WY, greenhouse grown tomatoes in the winter and spring
  18. Hecht Creek, Centennial WY, Grass fed beef, family owned and operated
  19. Rocky Mountain Organics, Powell WY, Certified Organic and grass fed beef , they also have a huge mail order business
  20. Baer’s Jam, Carpenter WY, Huge and unique variety of jams and jellies, a customer favorite
  21. Grant Farms, Wellington CO, Certified organic produce, eggs and meat
  22. MouCo Cheese, Fort Collins CO, Local made cheese made from Morning Fresh milk
  23. Queen of the Meadow, Fort Collins CO, fabulous local lotions and potions, has been available at Big Hollow since we opened
  24. 105 Degrees West, Laramie WY, graphic design artist who does Big Hollows T-shirts, bags, aprons
  25. Laramie Sprouts, Laramie WY, wide variety of assorted sprouts made from organic seeds and legumes from Big Hollow
  26. High Horse Farms, Albany WY, salad greens and other produce grown in high tunnels at over 8000 feet
  27. Tronstad Ranch, Laramie WY, locally grown produce and eggs, family owned and operated
  28. Tram Bars, Victor ID, delicious and nutritious Tram, Grizzly, Caz and Handle bars designed by an outdoor enthusiast and enjoyed by many
  29. Nita Crisp, Fort Collins CO, all natural handmade crackers sold across the country
  30. Good Grains Bakery, Denver Co, organic, gluten-free bakery specializing in bars
  31. Patty’s Poultry, Laramie WY, largest local egg supplier to Big Hollow, also selling chicken and rabbit
  32. Leonard Mosher, Cheyenne WY, large scale distributer of certified organic wheat and millet, has sold to Big Hollow since we opened, available in the bulk area, the wheat grinder and  in 50 lb bags
  33. Gluten Free Oats, Powell WY, gluten-free oats, family owned and operated business, located in the gluten-free section of the store
  34. Black Coffee,  I will get back to you on that one…
  35. Caffe Ibis Coffee, Logan UT, triple certified coffee, family owed green business, located in the bulk bins
  36. Hunter Bay Coffee, Missoula MT, 1st coffee we featured at Big Hollow, still a big hit, located in the bulk bins
  37. Ela Family Farms, Hotchkiss CO, 99 acre organic fruit farm providing apples, pears, peaches and preserves, sold individually and by the case at Big Hollow
  38. Sheila Bird Farms, Laramie WY, locally grown, pesticide free produce, really beautiful stuff!
  39. ACRES, Laramie WY, University of Wyoming Student Farm, producing a variety of locally grown, pesticide free produce
  40. Bright AgroTech, hydroponic towers of green produce, live at Big Hollow, we are the prototype for this grower and have enjoyed watching his success
  41. Bren’s Hens, Laramie WY, local cage free eggs as well as chicken, Bren also makes incredible knitted hats and other fun designs
  42. ACME Eggs, Laramie WY, local cage free eggs that come in creative cartons

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