About Us

Big Hollow Food Co–Op is a little grocery store with a big heart. We’re located in historical downtown Laramie, Wyoming. Big Hollow offers an eclectic variety of specialty foods, international cuisine, beauty supplies, allergy–friendly products, local and organic produce, and a variety of other knickknacks.

Big Hollow abides by the basic business principles of a cooperative, meaning that the members vote on important issues regarding products, expansion, board members, charitable donations, and more. We like to source locally as much as possible. We like to support the causes that are important to our customers and to our community at large.

We’re so much more than a grocery store!

History of Big Hollow

Big Hollow first opened its doors in 2007 as Wyoming’s very first food cooperative. Eight years later, we have grown to over 1,600 active members–and more sign up every day!

The idea was to create a space in the heart of downtown Laramie that supports local agriculture, provides health and specialty foods at an affordable price, and gives a voice to the local community–long term residents and University students alike.

Why We Love the Cooperative Model

The cooperative business model allows direct community participation in the day–to–day operation of Big Hollow. Members help make decisions about the kinds of products we carry, the vendors from which we purchase these products, and the function of the Co–Op as a whole.

This sense of community involvement is what makes the cooperative model at Big Hollow a perfect fit for the spirit of Laramie, Wyoming. Our beloved little town provides tight–knit community support, and the member–owners from our community help shape and direct the goals and missions of the Co–Op.

We live by the Seven Cooperative Principles:

1. Open and Voluntary Membership

Anyone can be a member at Big Hollow! We welcome everyone who can benefit from a membership (which really is just about everyone…)

2. Democratic Member Control

Members actively participate in making decisions and deciding our policies. We have a board of directors that are elected by the membership, and each member’s vote is equal.

3. Members’ Economic Participation

Our members democratically control our co-op’s capital. It’s allocated towards a variety of different purposes, from growing the Co-op to supporting member-approved causes in our community.

4. Autonomy and Independence

We’re self-sufficient and independent, and proud of it!

5. Education, Training, and Information

We continually look for opportunities to train and educate both our board members and membership as a whole so that we can continue to improve. We also strive to educate and inform our community on the benefits of the Co-op model, as well as how important local foods and goods are.

6. Cooperation Among Cooperatives

When everyone works together, our communities thrive. We want to make Laramie a better place by bringing people together and encouraging collaboration between businesses and individuals alike!

7. Concern for Community

Laramie is our home, and we love it! We are grateful for the support that we receive from our wonderful community on a daily basis, and want to pay it back by strengthening our town and bringing its people together.

Charitable Donations

At Big Hollow, we are passionate about supporting the causes near and dear to us and to our community. We hold an annual fund raiser during the holiday season in support of a designated charity. In our 2014–2015 holiday fund raiser, our community helped us raise money for Sunflower Kids – an organization in Tanzania led by a Laramie local!

Local & Nearby Supplies

At Big Hollow, we believe that sourcing our products locally is the best way to support the economy and livelihood of our community here in Laramie.
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