Shopping at Big Hollow is open to all – members and non-members alike! But becoming a member owner is a positive step toward committing to your health and to your community.
Becoming a member of the co–op automatically saves you 5% on everything in the store, every purchase.

Memberships are $30 annually–or, if you are a student or unsure if you can commit to a year’s membership, we offer “student” memberships for $10 every four months.

The full price of a member share is $300, but you don’t need to pay this all at once. As a member, after 10 installments of $30 you automatically become a Lifetime Member of Big Hollow Food Coop. Lifetime members continue to receive the same great benefits as before, which means even more savings to you!

Benefits of Becoming a Member

  • Members receive 5% off all items in the store, and 10% off special orders!
  • Members receive a newsletter with community events and other information concerning life at 7,200 feet.
  • Members have a say in where their food is grown and processed.
  • Members provide essential support to local agriculture and entrepreneurship.
  • Members have voting rights on day-to-day issues at Big Hollow.

Responsibilities of Member-Owners

  • Members are encouraged to participate in the annual member meeting.
  • Members are expected to vote on key issues here at the Co-Op.
  • Read the newsletters! It’s a great way to keep up on current news and events here at Big Hollow.
  • Members are expected to keep us up to date on their contact information.