Taking care of each other.
Big Hollow’s annual fundraiser begins!

Walking into Big Hollow and buying quality food is something that can easily be taken for granted. This holiday season we want to acknowledge and support those in our community that struggle financially to feed themselves and their families. We are teaming up with YOU and Feeding Laramie Valley for our annual fundraiser to help support their winter food distributions. When checking out you will have the option to donate any dollar amount and we will match it! We are honored and proud to be a part of a community that values eating locally and taking care of our local friends and families. All donations will be given to Feeding Laramie Valley by the end of the year.

Feeding Laramie Valley is a community-led nonprofit working to provide an equitable, just and sustainable food system in Albany County, Wyoming. Our mission is to provide individuals with access to fresh and local fruits and veggies as well as the means to continue healthy lifestyles through building gardens and guiding community workshops. The need for poverty alleviation is very real in Albany County, which has the highest rate of food insecurity in all of Wyoming. Hundreds of children, families, and elders, will benefit from access to fresh produce distributions.

This winter, our goal is to increase healthy food access in this community for children, families, elders and people living with chronic health challenges, by providing them with fresh produce during the months we are not able to grow our gardens. One hundred percent of the funds raised for the winter program will be used to partner with our local Big Hollow Food Coop to purchase the best quality fruits and vegetables, that we will then distribute at no charge to the people who need them.veggies

We believe that by connecting people to the origins of their food and helping individuals produce their own bounty during the growing season, we can assist in stabilizing lives through lowering food shortages and increasing healthy nutrient consumption. We aim to facilitate community partnerships with local farmers, businesses, schools and local government. As long as we have the funds to distribute fruit and vegetables at no charge to recipients through Feeding Laramie Valley Shares, we have the means to grow our recipient base and contribute to food equality.

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