It’s time to say another goodbye. As hard as it is to let a good one go, we are always excited to see our Big Hollow staff start new adventures in life. Allison has been working here for three years, and is about to start a new chapter.

Allison was born in Laramie and has two older brothers; Jeff, our assistant manager, is one of them. Awesome must run in the family! First and foremost, Allison is a flutist and teacher. After high school, she moved to Kent, England for a year to study flute. Allison spent six to eight hours each day practicing with about six other gifted musicians. She then received her undergrad in music performance from CU-Boulder and her master’s degree at the University of Miami in Florida. She lived in Canada for a while, teaching flute. Then, luckily for us, she moved back home to Laramie.

It doesn’t matter what time of day you cross paths with Allison, she is always upbeat and energetic. When interacting with her, you would never guess she juggles four jobs! She works at Big Hollow, Jeffrey’s, Earth, Wind & Fire, and teaches flute. In the midst of all of that, she managed to start a flute choir at Laramie High School.

Allison laughs out loud–a lot–at almost anything. If you need to test out a joke, sarcastic snarl, or comedic routine, run it by Allison. She is generous with laughs and she takes delight in interacting with others. When she is around, the mood seems lighter. When she is not around, it seems there is an empty space reserved for her return. If you have not had a chance to chat with her, please do! Your day will be brighter because of it.

Inspired by music and teaching, Allison seems driven by a force outside this realm. When asked if she could learn anything, would would it be? Her reply is to become fluent in another language. She is currently listening to a lot of James Taylor and gets to eat lots of good food since her boyfriend used to be a cook at Jeffrey’s. Allison seems to deeply appreciate the good things in life–music, family, food, and humor (good or bad!).

Allison has a new adventure ahead. She is moving to Tacoma, Washington, where she hope to eventually teach and play flute full-time. With no secure job, she feels a bit nervous, but is ready to take the leap. Tacoma has several small symphonies, so she will be able to play more and build a flute studio. She will be close to her parents, and we trust that she will appreciate all of the beauty, humor, and inspiration this new place has to offer. We know she will find success!

Big Hollow can take credit for making Allison a kombucha convert. It’s doubtful you can work in this place for long without learning to love the stuff. Allison can take credit for making shopping and working at Big Hollow fun, light-hearted, and open. There will be an empty space reserved for her always, as she will be greatly missed. While we wish she would stay forever, we are thrilled and excited for what lies ahead for her. Best of luck to you, dear Allison!

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