Favorite vegetable: cauliflower

3rd favorite color: Cerulean blue (after royal purple and mint green)

Favorite Coop task: rearranging shelves to keep like items together

Favorite Coop product: dried pineapple

Kristina. She is one of the most familiar faces around the aisles of Big Hollow. She is small in stature but you probably haven’t noticed because she has such a huge personality. She bursts with boundless lightheartedness and contagious humor. While those attributes alone make her an irreplaceable asset to the store, she also plays a vital role in our day to day operations. She has been working at Big Hollow for three years and is the Deli Manager and one of the Lead Buyers. She is in charge of placing the main order that arrives every Tuesday morning along with little orders throughout the week. Ever wonder where the pre-made sandwiches come from? Well, Kristina is busy making those in the back as well as cutting meats and cheeses and weighing out olives. As if all of that isn’t enough, she also helps create and update the window displays. A woman of many talents.

Kristina is the middle child of three, was born in Bozeman, MT, and moved to Laramie at the age of two. She has resided here since then minus a two year stint when she moved to Juneau, Alaska on a whim and lived in both an off-the-grid cabin and a boat. But, luckily for us, she missed WY (and the sunshine) and returned home. She is your quintessential outdoor girl who owns four bikes and spends as much time as possible biking, hiking, and camping. She also loves to cook and paint. But this description alone does not give her justice! Here are some other facts about Kristina that might give you a little insight into the spectrum of who she is and why she is such a joy to be around.

When asked what her superpower would be if she was a superhero she didn’t skip a beat and answered immediately, “shape shifter”, as if she had thought about it for years. She spent the bulk of last winter playing Hero’s Quest with friends and always played the barbarian. She has two dogs and describes her cat as “evil” with a loving smile and a chuckle. If you came to her house for a dinner party, it would likely be themed. For example, it might be a “classy and trashy” pizza party where Italian primavera might be the “classy” pizza served and mac n’ cheese or biscuits and gravy would be served under the “trashy” pizza category. She has a small business selling tiny pet portraits (the portraits are tiny, the pets are not always) and she considers wearing matching socks “unlucky”, so she always makes sure to mix and match. The hilarious and quirky facts about Kristina could go on and on. She has endless personality!

The biggest part of what makes Big Hollow an awesome place to shop and work is the people that fill the space. When Kristina is around there is never a dull moment. She infuses the store with amusing and lively conversation that lifts spirits and makes everyone feel welcome. Thanks Kristina for gracing Big Hollow with YOU!

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