Meet Max. He has worked at Big Hollow since 2013. He laughs encouragingly at everyone’s jokes and is always willing to take the “heavy load” either literally by carrying big boxes and shoveling snow, or metaphorically by spending extra time taking care of tasks around the store. His gentle spirit is unmistakeable.

Max was born in Kansas City, MO. He moved to Quincy, IL for a stint where he worked on an orchard, then returned to Kansas City to attend college. One summer he and a friend took a road trip to Alaska and they happened to stop in Laramie for some fuel and food. Laramie did its magic on Max. He loved the town and the mountains and being surrounded with an outdoor playground. He decided to return to Laramie to attend UW to study computer science. He promptly got a job at Big Hollow, and the rest is history.

Along with running the register and training newbies, he is also our IT guy and takes care of all of our computer needs (which turns out to be a lot). Marla likes to call him “our MVP computer guy”. When he’s not fixing our computers or working the register, he is out hiking, playing frisbee golf, taking computer courses, or playing with electronics. He lives with his girlfriend, Naomi, and together they make fancy food for all of our staff parties. In fact, when asked what he would cook us if we came over to his place, he laid out this elaborate menu: bison steaks, salmon, grilled asparagus and brussel sprouts, and potatoes. And for dessert, Nalesniki, thin polish crepes with jelly. Seriously, with a menu like that, what better place for this guy to work?

When hanging out with Max he always seems chill and content, but make no mistakes, he has dreams! Here are the top three items on his bucket:

  1. Travel the World: when asked if he wants to go anywhere in particular, his eyes rolls up as he ponders the question, then says with a smile, “I would be happy to go anywhere”, and you can tell by how he says it, he means it. He is rich with wonder.
  2. Work for Google or Elon Musk. Need we say more?
  3. Go to space. “I would rather explode in space then die peacefully in my sleep.”

It’s alway refreshing to be around someone who is seemingly so composed then lights up the room when talking about life, and food, and possibilities! Give it a try yourself. Luckily, Max spends a lot of time at the store. Come in and chat with him sometime. Your day will seem brighter. Thanks to Max for being a part of the awesome, fun, and big hearted crew of Big Hollow!

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