Bulletin Board

Interested in becoming a Big Hollow Board Member?

So you want to be a Big Hollow board member… Time commitment:  One meeting per month, generally lasting 1-2 hours.  Committee/sub-committee meetings also occur as needed, with commitments of 1-2 hours per month.  Attendance is essential for involvement; if you miss more than three meetings per year, you may be asked to resign from the […]

Big Hollow’s Annual Fundraiser Begins!

Taking care of each other. Big Hollow’s annual fundraiser begins! Walking into Big Hollow and buying quality food is something that can easily be taken for granted. This holiday season we want to acknowledge and support those in our community that struggle financially to feed themselves and their families. We are teaming up with YOU and […]

A Look Behind the Scenes

Big Hollow Food Coop is a well-oiled machine. To keep a store like ours running smoothly, it takes managing lots of moving parts. Customers can walk in, be greeted by friendly faces, bump into a friend or two, pick up speciality items, stock up on local produce, and get back home without a hitch. That’s […]

Tanna’s Turkey Brine

Big Hollow + Tanna Nagy went LIVE! Tanna shared her turkey brining recipe and showed a demonstration. It was so fun! CLICK HERE in case you missed it. As promised the following is the recipe she used. To reserve a turkey you can call us at 307-745-3586, email [email protected], or place your order with the cashier the next […]

We are taking the entire month to celebrate our members. Your support and enthusiasm for fresh, local, healthy food is what keeps our business thriving. We decided to get some downtown businesses involved so we can give away TONS of prizes and gift certificates throughout the month. Every time you spend money at Big Hollow […]

Big Hollow – Past, Present, Future

The Past and Present Nothing makes people, and businesses, more nostalgic than birthdays. This week, we are not only celebrating our 9th year as part of the Laramie Downtown community, we are also celebrating the journey that has brought us here and the possibilities ahead for how it will continue. Around the beginning of 2007, […]

Kristina’s Killer Hashbrown Kasserole

Looking for a crowd pleasing, easy breakfast or brunch dish to feed your hungry family or for your next potluck? Look no further friends! Big Hollow recently had a staff potluck. Kristina brought this dish and it was all the rave. We loved it so much we had to share it. Stop in, grab the […]

Liberate Your (M)eats

Meet Matt and Gina Sigel of Black Market Farm located in Centennial, WY. Twelve years ago, Matt and his family decided to leave Chicago, buy a ranch in WY, and assimilate into the wild west. Gina is a Laramie native who grew up on a pig farm. It’s a match that works–the home-grown, thick-skinned WY native and […]
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